• • • Package Management

In the postmodern software world the number of packages and package managers is growing steadily. Package managers are used to install, remove, upgrade and configure packages. Packages are archives of files that include all the files making up a piece of software (such as an application itself, shared libraries, development packages containing files needed to build software against a library, ...) and, eventually, instructions on the way to make them work.

edt relies on the following package managers to bootstrap itself:

npm - a package manager for Node.js
bower - a package manager for the web

As you continue to develop your project you will need to add these pacman's as well:

maven - a package manager and build tool for Java
tsd - package manager to search and install TypeScript definition files

If you are familiar with these tools the you are ready to burn up the dance floor. Otherwise you might want to peruse the install and verify steps (ivp) to get up to speed.