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Who is code4d415243

Marc is a T shaped person, a very wide ---T---, though some who have worked with him describe it as TT or TTT or TTTT. He is a distinguished software architect.

He leads projects. He coordinates work. He takes on difficult technical tasks. His enthusiasm for solving problems with technology is infectios and irresistible. He doesn't need to be told what to do. He dives into an unknown set of problems and brings order to chaos and is self-motivated to do so.

Marc sees problems that other people don't, and that's where the value comes in. Without engineers who can do that repeatedly, the company has fewer winning products, and way more problems. Marc can rally other engineers to support and unblock projects with or without the support of management.

Marc is able to lead from above, below, and from left or right to accomplish whatever needs to be done. He has been known to work across many teams and with entirely different parts of the company. And as part of that interaction, he shows great empathy for others and some humility about where they're at. If Marc's manager goes on a three month vacation, he can pick up that role without difficulty and lead the team until the manager's back (or replaced).

Because of the reputation that Marc builds within an organization, people want to engage. He leads by example and when he leaves, there is a morale hit, a wanting for more of the environment where team members learn and grow. Losing him is a cost.

So, to sum it up; Marc is a master composer, a conductor who can orchestrate the symphony, and sometimes, just another player in the band.

You've got someone who doesn't require any management, who seeks out and solves problems you didn't know you had. A force multiplier that motivates other folks to join in and unblock the work. Someone who is humble and empathic. Marc can pinch hit for every other role if someone's gone. Marc has been lucky enough to both get the skills that he has, and to be in jobs that let him build and use those skills.

If your company is looking for someone like this, you're looking for Marc. And he can't wait to work with you.

My name is Marc J. Greenberg and I am about the cloud, containers, docker, devops, rancher, IaC, k8s, k3s, resiliance, software, data, observability, mentoring, engineering, life, the universe and everything. Or maybe just simply another job as chief of staff

Hands on, hands in, he says with a grin 😎


Marc J. Greenberg