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Ever since I read the novel Neuromancer by William Gibson I have come to believe that we are all living in cyberspace. This feeling is reinforced by movies like "The Matrix" and the reality of our post modern world of danger and uncertainty.

For the past few years I have gazed out windows on the top floor of 2 Penn Plaza looking directly at the the New York City Freedom Tower. Sooner or later my view shifts right towards the statue of liberty then up the river to Google in the meat packing district. I am reminded that this is commonly referred to as "Now York"" as in it's happening now. So what is happening?

Apparently everything, from the coolest technical hipsters in Brooklyn, to Amazon in the prime real estate of midtown, New York City is and has always been a backdrop for some serious thinkers. But perhaps the most interesting point is that the city is a vertical place and sooner or later everyone looks up at the clouds in the sky.

My name is Marc J. Greenberg and I am an innovator. My technical background is from the software industry. These days I am about the cloud, invention, containers, docker, devops, software, data, mentoring, engineering, life, the universe and everything.

Hands on, hands in, living life as a renaissance man in New York City.


Marc J. Greenberg