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This is the personal web site of a software guy
whose head is in the cloud.

About Marc

I am the Chief Software Architect. I make design choices, set standards, technical, coding, tools, and platform. I am responsible for all of it.
My name is Marc J. Greenberg and I was the Vice President of Development of a big • small software company in the small • big city. I am deeply entrenched in the integration business, inside the managed matrix of upper-middle management. I have come to understand that you are looking for me and I am ready to take the red pill. Together we can meet rich celebrities, swim in their pools and live off the FAT of the LANd.net.

While waiting for you to find me, I have adopted a part-time career of selling doors, door-to-door. Life is tough for a door-to-door man like me, caught up in the net. For the most part, people simply aren’t interested in doors anymore and rarely will they open their door to strangers. Sure they will tweet, blog, text, pin and tag others all day long, but Face2Face irl (in real life), so long and thanks for al the fish!

Occasionally lonely people, invite me in just to have someone to talk to. All they want to do is sit and drink Java, eat Apples and discuss Windows. When I politely turn the conversation on to discussion of doors, they say that they are tired and I am shown their door. Sometimes people call me up to say they may be interested in a door but they must have a pizza as well. I show up, hand them the pizza and, have their door slammed in my face. You can see how tough it is for a door-to-door man like me.

Seriously I am an excellent technical leader, experienced and mature and deeply concerned about my craft. Perhaps you can open some doors for me.


Marc J. Greenberg

P.S. If there is no way for us to network and share, perhaps I can interest you in a nice door.

Contact Marc

Please feel free to email me with feedback, suggestions, or to just say hello!